ORTE exhibits at Shenzhen CIOE


From September 6th to 8th, 2023, after two years, we finally had the opportunity to meet new and old friends again at the Shenzhen CIOE. At this year's CIOE, ORTE made a debut with a brand-new image. The booth featured background elements of satellite communications and automotive LiDAR applications, showcasing our exploration in these two non-communication fields over the past few years. We provided top industry clients with high-quality, highly reliable fiber optic components and one-stop fiber optic component solutions.

PM fused coupler

PM high power fused coupler

Panoramic view of the booth

Based on different usage scenarios, we offer the following high-reliability fiber optic component solutions:

Ultra-small components

Functionally integrated components

Polarization-maintaining components

High-power components

Components for specific environments


For the actual product applications of our clients, we provide technical services for high-reliability fiber optic components, including:

One-stop component services for EDFA

Optical network transmission component services

Specialized component services for fiber optic sensing

PM fused 980nm WDM

EDFA Field

PM fused coupler

LiDAR Solution


PM high power fused couplerPM fused 980nm WDM

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