ORTE Wins the 10th ICC Xunshi Heroes List Excellent Quality Award


AoXin Wins the 10th ICC Xunshi Heroes List "Excellent Quality Award"

    On 28 Dec 2023, the results of the 10th ICC Xunshi Heroes List were officially announced at the "2023 Suzhou     Optoelectronic Technology Industry Forum." Six awards were presented: "Most Competitive Product in Optical Communication," "Most Competitive Equipment in Optical Communication," "Outstanding Technical Award," "Excellent Quality Award," "Innovation Breakthrough Award," and "Outstanding Equipment Award," recognizing the best, most innovative, and most powerful products of 2023. ORTE won the 10th ICC Xunshi Heroes List "2023 Excellent Quality Award," which undoubtedly affirms and encourages our commitment to quality and research and development.

High Power Coupler

Gain Flattening Filters

Since its establishment in 2002, ORTE Photonics Co., Ltd. has been dedicated to providing the highest quality fiber optic products to customers worldwide. We have always adhered to a customer-centric business philosophy. We understand that quality is the lifeline of an enterprise, and only high-quality products can earn the trust of customers and market recognition. Therefore, we strictly control quality in every aspect of product development, production, and testing to ensure that each product that leaves our factory meets or even exceeds customer expectations.

In terms of product development, ORTE adhere to innovation-driven principles, closely following market demands and technological development trends, and continuously launching competitive new products. Our team of experienced engineers and R&D personnel has deep knowledge and extensive experience in the fiber optic communication field. Through continuous technological innovation and product iteration, we provide customers with more efficient and reliable fiber optic communication components.

Winning the "2023 Excellent Quality Award" not only affirms ORTE’s efforts in quality management and product development over the past year but also serves as an encouragement and motivation for our future development. ORTE will use this recognition as an opportunity to continue upholding quality and innovation, providing customers with superior products and services, and contributing more to the development of the fiber optic communication industry.

ORTE looks forward to creating a bright future with you!

Product Introduction

Filtter Coupler

2.4×25mm High-Power Dual-Axis Polarization-Maintaining Coupler


1.Operating Wavelengths: 780nm, 840nm, 980nm, 1310nm, 1550nm

2.Coupling Ratios: 0.001/99.999, 0.1/99.99, 1/99 to 50/50

3.Operating Mode: Dual-axis operation

4.Operating Temperature: -40℃ to +85℃

5.Fiber Type: PM Fiber

6.Package Dimensions: 2.4×25 mm


Product Features:

1.Stable Dual-Axis Operation: Ensures reliable performance in both axes.

2.Automated Taper Control: Achieves precise control during the tapering process.

3.Enhanced High-Power Performance: Capable of handling up to 20W of power.

4.Precise Coupling Ratio Control: Minimum coupling ratio can be accurately controlled at 0.001/99.999.

5.Wide Operating Temperature Range: Maintains stable performance from -40℃ to +85℃.

Core Technologies:

1.Rapid PM Fiber Splicing: Quick and efficient splicing of polarization-maintaining fibers.

2.Fast Axis Alignment in Fusion Tapering: Ensures accurate alignment during the fusion tapering process.

3.Low-Loss Fusion Tapering: Minimizes signal loss during the tapering process.

4.Precise Control of Ultra-Small Coupling Ratios: Enables exact control of very small coupling ratios.

5.Low-Stress Packaging: Reduces mechanical stress on the fiber during packaging.

6.High-Reliability Multi-Stage Sealing: Ensures the durability and reliability of the coupler through advanced sealing techniques.

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