Shanghai Lasers Photonics successfully concluded


    From 22-25 March, Shanghai Lasers Photonics successfully concluded. At this event, ORTE showcased a variety of products including pump combiners, butterfly laser series, and numerous fiber lasers and fiber optic sensors. Among the highlights were the NX1 multimode pump combiner, (N+1)X1 multimode signal pump combiner, and the 1550nm narrow linewidth laser.

    ORTE, with over twenty years of experience in fusion tapering technology, presented combiners known for their high power, high pump efficiency, and various structural packaging suitable for different power applications, meeting the needs of fiber laser customers. The 1550nm narrow linewidth laser, brought by ORTE, boasts an output power of up to 100mW and a linewidth as low as 60kHz, drawing significant attention and inquiries from customers in the sensing field.

    Although the exhibition has concluded, ORTE will not stop its pace of development. The company will continue to deepen its expertise in fiber optic components, constantly expanding application scenarios, and providing customized services to customers. ORTE is committed to ongoing innovation and development in the industry.

Optical Fiber Connectors

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