• 1*2 50/50 PM TAP Filter Coupler
  • 1*2 50/50 PM TAP Filter Coupler
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1*2 50/50 PM TAP Filter Coupler

  • ORTE
  • 1-4 weeks
  • 200pcs per month
ORTE Polarization-maintaining Fiber Coup​ler with 50/50 TAP filter, Double Axial Mode Operation, High Extinction Ratio, Low Excess Loss.

1X2 50/50 Polarization-maintaining Fiber Coupler /PM TAP Coupler(Double Axial Mode Operation)

1*2 50/50% PM TAP Coupler

Low Excess Loss 

High Extinction Ratio 

Compact Design 

High Stability And Reliability 

TAP Coupler

Optical Amplifer 

Optical Networks 

Power Monitoring 

Fiber Sensors

1*2 50/50% PM TAP Coupler

Center Wavelengthnm1310/1550
Operating Bandwidthnm±20.00
Coupler Ratio%50±3%
Extinction RatiodB25
Return LossdB50
Operating TemperatureDeg.-5~75
Storage TemperatureDeg.-125
Fiber Lengthm1.00±0.10
Fiber Type
Panda PM Fiber
Fiber Diameterum50 / 80 / 125um Various Types
Packagemm2.5×20, 3.8×30


The Extinction Ratio is 18dB at -45℃ -85℃

The parameters do not include connector, connector IL is 0.30dB.

Special wavelength, special fiber, special light source, can be customized according to customer requirements.

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